SeeMore National Fitting Center

Our SeeMore Tour Fitting Experience features world class fitting from a member of the SeeMore Putting Institute (SPi) staff instructors and an introduction on how you can use your putter to become more solid with your fundamentals and make more repeatable, consistent strokes.

We have an indoor facility with mirror and distance control mats for indoor putting. We utilize 3 bays putting software for analyzing, aboutGolf Simulation, and V1 video. Customizing the golf lesson experience to each person's individual skills and needs is at the heart of what Adam Brack does. Through a thourough analysis of the swing and working through proper mechanics, we are able to see significant improvement in our golf lesson students. During this process, we will explore different head designs and how this can influence stroke mechanics. This will also include identifying the perfect length, lie and loft. Once completed you will have the specifications of the putter that best fits you and will allow you to build solid mechanics for years to come.

This is the exact same process we use when working with Tour players. Your visit will truly be one of a kind. You be treated to an unbelievable putting experience. We want to be a part of your journey to become the best putter you can be for years to come. To schedule your lesson/fitting and/or inquire about rates, please contact us below. SPi Instructors - Adam Brack (Director of Instruction) ~ Gavin Livingstone.

Adam continues to take putting to the next level with every year he teaches. He has worked with the Champions Tour and with Collegiate Players all over the world including Japan, Ontario, and throughout the U.S.

His teaching style is simple and is easy to understand. For starters, he begins by informing his clients that the average putter length on the Tour is 33.25 inches in length. The reason this is important is that the putter must fit to the golfer. The basic club length should be customized to the measurement of the arms hanging from the body with a slight bend. The putter length average in retail is 35 inches. Why is it different than the Tour? Because from the top of your golf bag to the bottom is 34.5 inches so the 35 inch putter sticks out of the bag! Crazy!

SEEMORE Putters, certified Adam to fit his students with the most advanced putter design in golf. SEEMORE Putters improves alignment and face angle through impact by 50%. SEEMORE has no limitations when it comes to fitting including, loft, lie, length, weight, grip width, and head design.

3BaysGSA Analazer gives us data for club squareness, path, ball impact, and ball spin. 3BaysGSA is used by putting manufactures across the country and all the tours. Blair Philip is a guest instructor, fitter, and club builder from Dallas, TX. He visits Adam throughout the year to teach schools and to fit putters. He fits and works with Ernie Els, Kenny Perry, and players from all the Tours. Putting schools are offered and can be customized. They range from a half day to all day events including a custom fit putter.

For more information about our golf academy services including golf schools, golf lessons, corporate camps, junior golf, and putting, contact us today at 850.236.8374.