If you are new to the world of golf, it could be quite a confusing experience at the initial stages. You will most probably get confused about what golf clubs to use, what your golf bag should consist of, the right clothes to wear to the golf course and a host of other areas of confusion.

These confusions could lead you to overspend in order to try and meet up with all the requirements of golfing. Golf already in itself can be quite an expensive sport, depending on your level. Golf club sets are not very cheap to purchase, but you do not have to spend all your earnings to acquire just the tools you need as a beginner golfer.

This article will take you through all you need to play golf, from the right choice of golf club down to the clothing most suitable for playing golf. I will tell you what your first golf set should consist of and the features you need to look out for to make your golfing experience easy and enjoyable.


This is the most obvious item in a golf set and by far the most important. Golf clubs are the long irons you use in hitting the golf balls when playing. There are lots of things to consider when choosing the right golf club due to its multifaceted and often complicated features. 

Buying golf clubs could be expensive and a daunting task; however, as a beginner, you can settle for second-hand golf clubs if you are going to assemble your own set to suit you. A good set of second-hand clubs, in most cases, will serve you better than brand new ones, and they are more cost-effective.

Titleist golf clubs and a host of other brands of golf clubs provide some of the best golf clubs for beginners making their foray into the sport a comfortable and less tasking one. There are also golf clubs for sale in different golf stores and online near you. visit at https://www.charlottesville.gov/ for more updates about golf clubs.

What really matters is picking the right golf club that will be suitable for you. A typical golf set will consist of different types of golf clubs for different situations during play. Most golf set will contain 14 different golf clubs in total, including;

  • 1 Driver: The longest of all the clubs, the driver is used basically for starting on most holes. This club will ensure a farther strike distance than the rest and is mostly made of steel
  • 1 Hybrid: Hybrids have bigger heads and are easy to hit. They are ideal for getting balls high in the air and for better distances.
  • 1 Putter- The putter is the most used golf club in your set. Finding a putter that is most suited to you is very important to your overall play as a beginner
  • 2 Fairway woods: They are used in cases where you may need to get the ball off the grass more quickly. They are the longest clubs after the driver in a golf club set
  • 2 Wedges: These clubs are mainly used close to the holes for putting
  • 7 Irons: Irons are the clubs with the most number in the golf set. There are mid-irons and short irons, and they are used for various purposes. These irons come with larger club heads for easier and more forgiving hits.

As a beginner, it is not compulsory for you to own all 14 golf clubs from the get-go, as their usages may confuse you. A driver, set of irons, and a putter are enough to get you started as they are the basic golf clubs for every golfer.

Getting started with these basic clubs will help you to speedily learn and master the clubs while you add as you progress. Picking out the right one may be quite tricky. 

Here are some of the things you need to consider when picking your golf clubs;


Golf club length will have to be suitable for your height as a player. Make sure that the distance between the shaft and the clubhead is moderate enough to allow you to swing properly. The length of the shaft determines how far away the ball is from your hands. Go for clubs with graphite shafts as they are more forgiving for beginners.


The loft of the golf club is the angle of the clubface. Your choice of loft as a beginner will greatly impact your game. Most professionals use lower loft clubs, but as a beginner, it is recommended you go for clubs with higher face loft. These clubs require minimum skills to use and help for improved distance and trajectory on hits as opposed to the lower lofted clubs. 

Head weight

Your choice of club heads depends on your swing speed. If you have a slow swing speed, you will need to use clubs with less weight on the heads to maximize results on hit, while heavier club heads will be more suitable if you have a fast swing speed. As a beginner, nothing builds your confidence more than seeing your ball travel high in the air and for a longer distance. Using the right clubhead for your swing speed is a step towards achieving your enjoyment of the game.


You will definitely need balls to play golf. Buying a bag of used golf balls is most recommended for beginner golfers not only to save cost but because you are bound to lose many of them in the process of playing. 

Beginners will be more suited to use two-piece balls which have a solid rubber center and surlyn cover. This is important as these balls are capable of driving further than the regular three-piece ones used by professionals. Two-piece balls make it easier for beginners to hit better and gain better drives, though it provides less control.


Your golf bag choice can directly have an impact on your game. Using a comfortable golf bag with well-padded straps will make it easier for you to move around the course without feeling too much weight and getting tired. You can also buy a pushcart with three wheels to make it easier for you to move around the course.


There is special clothing you should come dressed in when going to a golf course. You don’t want to come to the course looking like a musician or someone on the beach. Wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans is ideal for a golf course. Although dress codes differ from one golf course to another, that is the generally accepted mode of dressing.

You may also want to wear clothes that are water-resistant in case of rainfall. Gloves are good accessories to help improve your grip when playing. Other gears like spiky shoes for firm footing, umbrellas, towels, note pads, etc., may be necessary when you are playing golf. click here to find more about Golf Wears.


As a beginner, your best bet for a seamless entry into the world of golf is picking out the right golf set and clubs that suit your specifications. While it is easy to go into any golf shop and buy a complete set of golf clubs, it may not be totally advisable for you.

It is important you buy them in 5-6 individual pieces that are tested and proven to be suitable for your style of play to ensure that you enjoy the game and effectively play it well. Having all the golf clubs at once is not bad, but as a beginner, second-hand golf clubs may be the best option at the moment.

There are golf clubs for sale at various stores and golf shops near you, and I will recommend Titleist golf clubs for beginners. This brand pays attention to the needs and requirements of a beginner golfer in their clubs, and they made these clubs specifically for the ease of these newbies.